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Контрольная на тему Контрольная работа 111015-01


Контрольная работа 111015-01
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Контрольная работа 111015-01 - работа из нашего списка "ГОТОВЫЕ РАБОТЫ". Мы помогли с ее выполнением и она была сдана на Отлично! Работа абсолютно эксклюзивная, нигде в Интернете не засвечена и Вашим преподавателям точно не знакома! Если Вы ищете уникальную, грамотно выполненную курсовую работу, контрольную, реферат и т.п. - Вы можете получить их на нашем ресурсе.
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Обращаем ваше внимание на то, что скачать контрольную Контрольная работа 111015-01 по предмету АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК с сайта нельзя! Здесь представлено лишь несколько первых страниц и содержание этой эксклюзивной работы - для ознакомления. Если Вы хотите получить контрольную Контрольная работа 111015-01 (предмет - АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК) - пишите.

Фрагмент работы:

Контрольная работа №4

Задание №1. Прочитайте и переведите текст.

Thinking of a career in tourism?

The tourist industry offers a range of jobs and career opportunities. So what sort of person do you need to be to work in tourism? To begin with, you need to like people and enjoy the challenge of working in a customer focussed environment.

Claire Davies is twenty-one and is a receptionist in a five-star hotel. She says that what appeals to her most is the diversity of the challenges she faces every day - from dealing with phone calls in different languages to making bookings for restaurants. She first came to the hotel when she was on a year's work experience from university and now works part-time, which allows her to continue with her degree course in management. Her advice to anyone considering a career in hotels in not to be put off by the thought of low support and information throughout the trip. It is important to allow people to do what they want, while at the same time making sure everybody is back on the minibus by the agreed time. And you must know the history of places you visit really well. Years back, I was embarrassed when a holidaymaker spotted some incorrect details in a commentary I was giving. Since then I've managed to attend regular local history classes to make sure it doesn't happen again.'

If the work of a tour guide seems a bit tame, Patrick O'Connor says that the job of adventure travel guide certainly offers excitement. Patrick leads trips to exotic locations around the globe, and he's quick to remind us that you need experience in a range of adventurous disciplines. 'People on these holidays are doing potentially dangerous activities, such as kayaking or diving. It's crucial to be able to exercise good judgment in difficult situations and be resourceful when dealing with the emergencies that are bound wages at the start. Having the right degree or diploma is no guarantee of promotion, but the right attitude and good communication skills will get you a long way.

But of course it's not just about hotels. Peter Gattoni is a chef in an Italian restaurant that attracts what is called the 'gourmet tourist', whose holiday is never complete without the opportunity to try out the latest dishes. Peter went straight into employment after school, but that's not something he'd recommend. 'Had I taken a full-time college course as my parents wanted, I would have made faster progress. There's a shortage of first-class chefs, so many companies are now advertising good salaries, including profit-related pay, to chefs with the right qualifications and experience, though these advantages are more likely to come from the big-name restaurants and hotel chains.'

And what about a job as a tour guide? If you enjoy communicating with large groups of people, as Maria Falcon does, it's a great job. Maria accompanies groups of holidaymakers on package tours. She knows she plays a central role in ensuring that people enjoy their holiday by providing them with practical to arise. Once, I forgot to give somebody a life jacket and it could've been serious. This is a relatively new career, so educational institutions are only just beginning to offer programmes and qualifications.'

If you're thinking of becoming a travel agent, Connie Ferguson says you may want to give this career