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My future job
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My future job

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
My Future Profession 3
Conclusion 6


“Have you ever been to the bookkeeping? I was once in the counting room
– everywhere figures and numbers, and small, and big,
the most diverse, and in the end they all fall together.
Accounting! It is surprisingly interesting.”

V. V. Mayakovsky «The Bathhouse»

Sooner or later every person starts thinking about their future occupation. But when you are still young, it is so difficult to make the right decision and it just seems so easy to make a mistake! Of course, some people know from the very childhood exactly what they want to be. For example, my best friend always knew for sure that he would be a doctor. He attended special courses, in-depth studied biology and chemistry and was sure he would succeed. As for me, I’ve wanted to be an accountant.
Choosing a profession is an important step in the life of a modern young man, a step that will determine his entire life. And if you chose a profession, you should really imagine what exactly you want to get from it, what prospects await you and keep in mind that your future and the future of your entire family will depend on your choice. In our time, profession plays an important and sometimes decisive role.
So I’ll tell you more about my choice.

My Future Job

Before each of us lies this choice and yet not everyone knows what they want to become in the future clearly. It’s good when you are sure from your childhood that you want to be a doctor, an artist, a driver