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Реферат на тему Речь к диплому 130513-08


Речь к диплому 130513-08
6 с.

Речь к диплому 130513-08 - работа из нашего списка "ГОТОВЫЕ РАБОТЫ". Мы помогли с ее выполнением и она была сдана на Отлично! Работа абсолютно эксклюзивная, нигде в Интернете не засвечена и Вашим преподавателям точно не знакома! Если Вы ищете уникальную, грамотно выполненную курсовую работу, реферат, реферат и т.п. - Вы можете получить их на нашем ресурсе.
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Обращаем ваше внимание на то, что скачать реферат Речь к диплому 130513-08 по предмету АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК с сайта нельзя! Здесь представлено лишь несколько первых страниц и содержание этой эксклюзивной работы - для ознакомления. Если Вы хотите получить реферат Речь к диплому 130513-08 (предмет - АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК) - пишите.

Фрагмент работы:

Dear Chairman of the State Certification Examination Commission.
Dear members of the State Certification Commission.

The graduation thesis on the subject «Ways of Translation From English Into Russian of Phrasal Verbs and Phraseological Units in Political Texts» is offered to your attention.
The purpose of our thesis is to identify and to analyze the main problems of translation of phraseological units and phrasal verbs in the British political press.
According to the purpose of the graduation thesis the following tasks were defined:
– the identification of problems of translation of phraseological units (further PU) and phrasal verbs (further PV).
– the consideration of the main ways of translation of phraseological units and phrasal verbs.
In our opinion, these goals and tasks caused the relevance of our research as, firstly, phraseology as the science has the most active development in national linguistics. Secondly, the question of what is the PU and are PV phraseological combinations or not is still not resolved.
In our work we were defined in a choice of studied materials of the political press of such editions as Newsweek, Moscow News, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and articles from political headings of such magazines as Scientific American, Russian Business, Ecological News.
This choice is caused by that the volume of texts of English-speaking mass media considerably exceeds similar volume in other languages, the subject of publications in the English periodical press covers not only internal problems of the country, but also area of the external relations and therefore constantly is in close contact with other languages. It promotes an active collaboration and distribution of words and phraseological expressions, the formation of new phrasal verbs. The received results can become a basis for further comparative work in t