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What is cross-cultural understanding
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What is cross-cultural understanding?

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
So what is cross-cultural understanding? 4
Conclusion 6


Nowadays in the global interdependent society we live in the question of interethnic and intercultural relations and international education is gaining new ground. Ethnocentrism, which in some degree may be viewed as ethnic consciousness, is growing, and the circulation intensity of stereotypes in the society is absolutely terrifying, nationalist ideology is on the rise... In such conditions, studies of mutual understanding acquire extra significance.
Mutual understanding and misunderstanding, the desire to understand or, in many cases, the reluctance to understand are a common phenomenon in our daily lives and professional activities. Mutual understandings and misunderstandings have always existed, just like the universal facts of interpersonal and interethnic communication. Yet today it is obvious that mutual understanding has become an extremely urgent problem: science and technology rely on the whole cultural diversity of the humane heritage and its special forms: traditions, values, languages, perceptions, moral norms and ideals. This is the reason why such knowledge should be taught; still mutual cross-cultural understanding comes to us very difficultly.
The first step towards mutual cross-cultural understanding is the recognition of certain psychological problems arising during the interaction of representatives of different cultures and the possibility of overcoming them.
Cross-cultural communication and interaction equals understanding cultural differences. Effective interaction mean